How Do I Apply for Home Quarantine for My Domestic Worker in Malaysia? (2022)

Whether you are a new employer extending arms to accept your new worker or a current employer who is waiting for your foreign domestic worker to come back after a holiday, you should be aware of the government’s requirement on quarantine. If your worker is coming from a different country and you prefer for her to be quarantined at home, this post provides step-by-step guidance on how to apply for your worker’s home quarantine.

1. You can start by visiting this website and clicking “Apply Now“. Do note that you can only submit the actual application 7-10 days before your worker’s arrival date.

2. You may key in all of the input requested on the page as required.

Part A) Applicant Information Section should be filled with your details; and

Part B) Individual Entering Malaysia Information should be filled with your worker’s information.

3. Here are some tips on how to optimise the opportunity to attach additional documents to maximise your chances of approval success. Refer to this section below here:

  • Identification documents: Create a PDF file with a combination of a copy of your IC, your worker’s main passport page and her latest valid work permit
  • Vaccination documents: Create a PDF file with your worker’s digital vaccine certificate, as well as you and your partner’s vaccine certificates (if applicable).
  • Other additional documents: Write a supporting letter (signed by you) addressed to the Ministry of Health outlining why your home is conducive for home quarantine purposes. In this letter, state the following information clearly:
  • All eligible family members are fully vaccinated
  • She will be quarantined in a private residence owned by you (not in a rented unit such as Airbnb or homestay)
  • She has a valid work permit and so she does not require MTP approval to enter. You may share the circumstances of her leaving and returning to Malaysia (dates and reason for travel). 
  • She will have her own private room attached to a bathroom so she can be fully isolated from all the remaining household members

To strengthen the letter, attach a recent proof of utility bill tying your name to the home quarantine address. Combine these documents into a PDF file.

  1. My Entry Approval (Non-Citizen) documents: Attach your worker’s latest valid work permit and her latest exit stamp in her passport.
  2. Travel Document: Attach your worker’s flight itinerary indicating her arrival date, time and flight number.

*Kindly take note that you’ll likely need to use a PDF compressor tool to compress each attachment to 250 KB and below. We recommend or

The Ministry of Health authorities retain sole discretion to grant or deny any application for home quarantine, but we believe these tips would be helpful. If you have any questions about your worker’s arrival to Malaysia, contact us at or visit our Our Services page. Our friendly Pinkcollar officers are ready to share our service offerings with you!



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