Our Manifesto

Our manifesto

At Pinkcollar, we blend professionalism with a profound understanding of human needs, operating in an industry that directly impacts lives. Our commitment to ethical recruitment, a human approach, and collaborative problem-solving drives us to offer services that benefit both migrant workers and employers within a fair and legal framework. Here’s what makes us different:

Commitment to Ethical Practices

Our commitment to human dignity and ethics is unwavering. We tackle industry challenges by balancing the complex needs of migrant workers and employers, ensuring fair treatment, legal compliance, and transparency in every aspect of our service.

Market-Friendly & People-Centric

Balancing market demands with a deep understanding of human complexities, we strive to deliver services that are both practical for employers and respectful of workers' rights and needs. We strive for a balance in our operations to be sensitive to all stakeholders involved, conducted with professionalism and empathy.

Fostering Enduring Employments

Our approach to matching workers with employers is as thorough as possible within an informal job sector, considering a wide range of factors to ensure compatibility and mutual satisfaction. We extend our support beyond placement, offering ongoing assistance and training to both workers and employers, thereby facilitating successful and sustainable employment relationships.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

We view the challenges in our industry as opportunities for collective action. By partnering with employers, governments, and civil societies, we create impactful solutions that address the root causes of labour migration issues and foster a more ethical recruitment landscape.

Human at Heart

In the heart of Pinkcollar's operations lies a deep awareness of the human element that defines our industry. Our team, while striving for success in matchmaking, acknowledges the complexities and unpredictability inherent in human relationships. Challenges are part of this dynamic landscape, and in these moments, we lean on the empathy and adaptability that are core to our ethos. Our approach is shaped by a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse experiences of workers and the expectations of employers, always with compassion and a readiness to navigate the unforeseen with grace.