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We are Malaysia’s first ethical recruitment agency that helps employers hire great migrant domestic helpers, ethically and responsibly.

Our ethical pledge means that we promise to always be transparent, reliable, and accountable to you - regardless of whether you are an employer or a worker.

We also provide a variety of administrative services including permit renewals, check out memos, work permit transfers, POEA contract renewals, and more.

Do not worry if you are not sure which service is right for you, get in touch with us and we'll work through it together.

Hire a Pinkcollar Domestic Helper

Looking for a Domestic Helper?

If you’re searching for the right domestic helper for your family,
our Full Placement service is for you.

We make hiring easy, and we only recommend domestic helpers who are a good match with your needs.

Already Found a Domestic Helper?

If you’ve already found a domestic helper you'd like to hire,
our Direct Hire service is for you.

Our team will process your helper for legal employment in Malaysia, with full compliance to source-country and Malaysian Immigration's requirements. We'll assist you end-to-end to make the hiring process worry-free.

Administrative Services

Work Permit Renewal

We will assist you with the renewal of your worker’s work permit with Immigration Malaysia, inclusive of FOMEMA medical examination (if required).

The renewed permit will be valid for 1 year.

POEA Contract Services

If you are an employer of a Filipino Domestic Worker, you will be familiar with the POEA Employment Contract. The Contract ensures that the employer is complying with the Philippine regulations when employing a Filipino Domestic Worker. Our services include contract preparation, verification, and renewal.

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