Who We Are

We started with a mission

  • Rose

    Operations Co-Lead
  • Lok Yee

    Operations Co-Lead
  • Zenna

    CEO and Co-Founder
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    COO and Co-Founder
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    Recruitment Lead
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    Executive Administrator
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We built Pinkcollar Employment Agency as a first-of-its-kind hiring solution for employers looking for a better way to hire domestic workers, and for workers seeking safe and dignified jobs.

Because we only work with ethical partners, employers don’t have to worry about unknowingly contributing to the trafficking of their domestic worker. And because we never charge any fees to workers, we pave the way for focus in their jobs without worrying about recruitment debt.

Together, we have placed over 500 Filipino and Indonesian migrant workers and saved RM500,000 in worker debt savings through our zero-placement-fee and zero- salary-deduction policies for workers.

Doing good work starts with us

For as long as we can remember, employers have faced low placement success rates when hiring foreign domestic helpers in Malaysia. Workers are also burdened by recruitment debt, forced labour, and poor management practices, affecting their ability to perform on the job. As it stands right now, domestic helper recruitment isn’t serving the needs of the employer and worker alike.

We knew we could change things for the better.

We are a purpose-driven team committed to reshaping the migrant recruitment ecosystem in Malaysia. Our goal is clear: to enhance the employment experience for both our clients and migrant workers. This journey, while challenging, is deeply rewarding and drives everything we do.

We are committed to continuous learning, always seeking to refine our skills and services. Facing hurdles are inevitable, but we view them as opportunities for growth, grit and innovation. We take pride in our problem-solving mindset, and each milestone achieved in promoting responsible recruitment is a testament to this. We value your insights and are open to feedback. If you're interested in joining our journey or have thoughts you'd like to share, write to us at

Our Manifesto

As a social business, Pinkcollar is committed to acting ethically, working to the highest professional standards and complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Our service strives for fairness to everyone involved. We take a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking and any other illegal or unethical conduct. We also commit to reinvesting a majority of our profits into furthering our social mission.

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Partners and Advisors

  1. Fair Employment Agency
  2. Global Fund to End Modern Slavery
  3. Honest Jobs