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We are expanding ethical recruitment in Malaysia

With Global Fund to End Modern Slavery's support, Pinkcollar has broadened its ethical recruitment services beyond domestic work. We're now equipped to serve manufacturing and service sectors in Malaysia. Our commitment: helping your business hire migrant workers from Indonesia and the Philippines with a zero-tolerance policy towards human trafficking and forced labour.

In today's market, it's increasingly vital for companies to showcase their dedication to ethical recruitment and employment of migrant workers, a key factor in maintaining market position and access. Our track record, exemplified in our operations in countries of origin, showcases our ability to provide reliable and satisfied labour for your business needs. Our services ensure that your business adheres to these standards, protecting you from legal and reputational risks.

With Pinkcollar, you are not just hiring workers; you are investing in a sustainable, ethical, and compliant workforce that will drive your business forward.

How we help

Ethical Recruitment Consulting

We offer guidance on ethical recruitment practices. This includes ensuring no recruitment fees are charged to workers, providing clear and transparent employment terms, and upholding non-discrimination in your company's hiring process.

Hiring Assistance

As a licensed employment agency with partnerships in the Philippines and Indonesia, we offer full placement services to help source and match suitable workers to your company, or facilitate you in direct hiring in the countries of origin. Our services include organising recruitment drives, handling document processing, and ensuring all activities comply with responsible recruitment standards.

Training & Grievance Mechanism Setup

We offer life skills & soft skills training for your migrant workers, including financial management, migration preparedness and legal rights. We also help set up effective grievance mechanisms for workers, including access to helplines and anonymous reporting channels to report workplace issues.

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Partners and Advisors

  1. Fair Employment Agency
  2. Global Fund to End Modern Slavery
  3. Honest Jobs