What is an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) and how do I apply for my Filipino domestic helper’s OEC? (2022)

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is a document issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to certify that a Filipino domestic worker is registered for legal employment abroad.   The OEC is required when your worker is exiting the Philippines for a destination country. Workers may be turned away from returning to Malaysia at … Read more

How can my domestic helper re-enter Malaysia after her holiday in endemic times? (2022)

Last Updated: 2 December 2022As an employer of a foreign domestic helper or maid in Malaysia, your helper may request to take a short vacation to her home country and visit her loved ones, especially if she has been employed by your family for an extended period of time. You might be wondering the documents … Read more

Compulsory SOCSO Coverage for Domestic Workers (2022)

The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO, also known as PERKESO) announced the extension of social security protection coverage to domestic workers effective 1 June 2021. If you are a Malaysian employer of a foreign domestic worker, this new government rule needs to be complied with. Kindly note if you are a foreign national hiring a foreign domestic worker, … Read more



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