Compulsory SOCSO Coverage for Domestic Workers (2021)

Recently, the Malaysian Human Resources Ministry, through the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO, also known as PERKESO), announced the extension of social security protection coverage to domestic workers effective 1 June 2021. If you are a Malaysian employer of a foreign domestic worker, this new government rule needs to be complied with (kindly note if you are a … Read more

How do I choose the right insurance for my foreign domestic worker?

As an employer of a domestic worker, you are responsible for the health and safety of your worker while she is under your employment. Medical fees for foreign workers in Malaysia can be expensive because foreign workers do not enjoy the same rates that Malaysians do at public hospitals. Nonetheless, buying the right insurance product … Read more

What is a Check Out Memo?

If your worker’s employment is ending (end of contract or termination), you will be required to complete a Check Out Memo at Immigration to remove her employment records from you. The check out memo is only effective if your worker leaves the country as planned. If your worker fails to board her intended flight and … Read more

Transfer your foreign domestic helper’s visa to another employer in Malaysia, safely and debt-free

The outbreak of the pandemic has caused disruption to the lives of many, including employers of domestic workers. If you’re having to cut short the employment of your domestic worker due to relocation or change in circumstances, fret not! We can help. As an expatriate employer of a domestic worker, you can easily transfer your … Read more