What is a Check Out Memo?

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If your worker’s employment is ending (end of contract or termination), you will be required to complete a Check Out Memo at Immigration to remove her employment records from you. The check out memo is only effective if your worker leaves the country as planned. If your worker fails to board her intended flight and continues overstaying in Malaysia, you will be penalised as the legal employer. 

Failure to do a Check Out Memo will also result in a penalty, especially when you want to hire another worker. Your worker may be blacklisted from returning to Malaysia for a duration of 5 years. 

How to do a Check Out Memo? 

  1. Find out which state Immigration Office issued your worker’s permit (usually printed on the work permit).
  2. Visit the Immigration Office with your worker’s original passport, printed flight ticket, completed COM Form and letter stating the intention of your application. 
  3. Submit the paperwork at immigration and wait for the Check Out Memo to be issued. 
  4. The process is usually completed on the same day. 

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