SUP-1 Supplementary Document Checklist for Direct Hire & Local Visa Processing Service for Domestic Helper (Transfer)

This supplementary document checklist is relevant only to employers who are using our Direct Hire & Local Visa Processing (Transfer) service. Please ensure you also provide the following supplementary documents, in addition to the documents from the primary Employer Document Checklist shared with you, for a smooth and efficient process.

1. Releasing Employer's IC copy

2. Worker’s passport copy

3. Worker’s current work permit copy

4. Worker’s passport-sized photo

If the Transfer Worker is Indonesian:

5. Worker’s latest salary slips with the Releasing Employer (most recent 3 months)

If the Transfer Worker is Filipino:

5. Worker’s latest Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Employment Contract with the Releasing Employer

Need Assistance?

Ensuring you have all the necessary documentation ready will facilitate a seamless transition for your domestic worker and help comply with local regulations for visa processing. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact your Pinkcollar PIC.

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