How do I renew my Filipino worker’s POEA Contract?

To hire a Filipino domestic worker in Malaysia (or any other country where Filipinos are employed), you will need to abide by the regulations of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). This includes registering a POEA standard form employment contract with the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) in Malaysia. 

If it is your first renewal, you will need to engage a licensed agency accredited by the POEA to submit a contract at the Embassy for contract verification. For your second renewal (going into year 5 & 6), employers and workers can submit a contract for verification without the involvement of an agency. You can visit POLO at the Philippines Embassy to submit your documents. 

These are the documents you’ll need:

  1. POEA Contract notarised by a Malaysian Notary Public 
  2. POEA Affidavit notarised by a Malaysian Notary Public
  3. Previous POEA Contract 
  4. Copy of Employer’s IC 
  5. Copy of Worker’s Passport & Work Permit 
  6. Worker’s Original Passport 
  7. Worker’s Insurance Policy 

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