How do I arrange for my foreign domestic helper (maid) to go home at the end of her contract?

Published on 17 Jan 2024, last updated on 6 Feb 2024

If your domestic helper’s employment contract and/or work permit is reaching the end of its term and you do not wish to extend their employment by mutual agreement, you may be wondering what to do next. As a responsible employer, you are required to complete all the necessary procedures and ensure that you continue complying with all the applicable laws. You have two options available to you:


Send your Helper Home to her Home Country Legally

  1. Firstly, it’s important to understand the exit procedures relating to your helper’s repatriation (see Jabatan Imigresen / Malaysian Immigration Department’s post and guidelines on carrying out a Check Out Memo).
  2. Settle all outstanding wage entitlements and download our end-of-contract entitlement calculator to ease your calculations. This includes:
    1. Any outstanding wages
    2. Encashment of annual leave, if relevant
  3. Book her flight ticket, making sure to pick a date that gives you 3-4 weeks of time prior to the flight to complete other necessary steps for her departure. Ensure that your domestic helper’s work permit is still valid leading up to her flight.
  4. Apply for her Check Out Memo. This can now be done online for Malaysian employers.
  5. If you hired a Filipino worker through a licensed agency, check whether your agency requires your helper to attend a Single Entry Approach (SEnA) meeting prior to her departure.

Use Pinkcollar's Free End-of-Contract Salary Entitlement Calculator for Filipino Domestic Helpers

Settle all outstanding wage entitlements with your Filipino domestic helper by using our end-of-contract entitlement calculator to ease your calculations.


You must apply for your helper’s check out memo before she exits Malaysia. Failure to do so will result in your helper being blacklisted in Immigration records. In addition to that, her employment will still be attached to your sponsorship and if/when you hire a new helper, you will need to pay a penalty of RM250 - RM750 (depending on your helper’s nationality) to clear her employment from your Immigration records.


Transfer your Helper to a New Employer

If your helper would like to continue staying in Malaysia to work as a domestic helper under a different employer, you also have the option of legally transferring her to another employer given certain conditions.

Different helper transfer conditions will apply depending on whether the hiring employer is a Malaysian or an Expatriate. You can read more about this on our blog post here.

The process for transfer may take some time and that some requirements may be discretionary. Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation to find out if a visa transfer is possible, or if you would like some assistance in managing the transfer carefully within the appropriate timeframe.

If you realise that you do not have time to fulfil all of these requirements before your helper’s work visa expires, you may apply for a Special Pass at Malaysian Immigration to grant your helper 30 extra days of legal stay in Malaysia while you sort things out.

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