Work location restrictions and living arrangements for your foreign domestic helper (maid) in Malaysia

Published on 2 Jan 2024, last updated on 2 Feb 2024

When hiring a foreign domestic worker for your home in Malaysia, it is essential to be fully aware of the Malaysian labour regulations. These are designed to protect the rights and welfare of domestic helpers and ensure fair treatment by all employers.

Residential work location only: Foreign domestic helpers are permitted solely for employment within residential addresses. This means their work and living arrangements should be confined to a private household. Using their services in commercial locations, business premises, or any places other than the specified residential address is strictly prohibited.

Exclusive job duty location: As per their Standard Employment Contract, foreign domestic helpers are limited to working only at the residential address listed in the contract. This restriction means that they are not allowed to work part-time or full-time in other locations, such as your office, a relative's home, or any other external site.

Requirement for live-in arrangements: Malaysian regulations require that foreign domestic helpers live within their employer's residence. They are not permitted to live independently or at any address other than the one specified in their employment contract.

Accommodation standards: Employers are responsible for providing suitable accommodation to their foreign domestic helpers. This includes ensuring that the living conditions are safe, hygienic, and respect the worker's privacy. Basic necessities such as proper sleeping arrangements, access to bathroom facilities, and reasonable living space that does not require any room-sharing with a family/ individual member of the opposite sex must be met to comply with responsible and legal standards.

Immediate, part-time or live-put domestic help: If you need immediate, part-time or live-out domestic assistance, you should consider employing a local resident of Malaysia. Foreign domestic helpers are legally prohibited from engaging in part-time work or living outside their contracted residential employment. Hiring a full-time, live-in domestic helper in Malaysia also involves a standard 2-3 month lead time to process all the legal visa and employment paperwork.

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