Tips to source your own foreign domestic helper (maid) in Malaysia [2024]

Published on 30 Oct 2023, last updated on 2 Feb 2024

Are you looking to hire a domestic helper (maid) but concerned about the time and cost involved? We’ve got some suggestions from some of our Direct Hire clients to help you source your own helper efficiently so you can avail to our Direct Hire service, which is a cheaper service option.

Check out these suggestions:

Tap Into Your Family & Friends Network

Start by exploring your own circle of family and friends who have had previous helpers. Their previous helpers might be looking to return to work in Malaysia, offering a trusted reference for the potential helper’s job performance and character.

Seek Recommendations

Building on the first point, you may also consider asking existing helpers you know if they can recommend a friend/ family member back home who is well-suited for the job. Many of our Direct Hire clients hire the family members of existing helpers they know or have hired before.

Go Digital

In this age of connectivity, you can also market your search on online platforms like public Facebook groups. However, this is the riskiest method as many available helpers in Malaysia who may approach you are operating “freelance” as illegal helpers with improper visa documentation. In order for a helper to be eligible for legal hiring, she must meet certain criteria set out by the Malaysian Immigration’s active visa application programs for helpers—reach out to Pinkcollar for a complimentary verification and check if your identified helper in Malaysia is eligible to apply for a helper visa or not, based on her circumstances

Consider Transfers

The quickest and often most cost-effective option is to find a worker already in Malaysia who is available to transfer jobs to a new employer. Note that specific requirements set by Malaysian Immigration must be met for a successful transfer.

After identifying a potential candidate, make sure they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age Range: Indonesian workers should be between 21 and 44 years old, while Filipino workers should be between 23 and 44 years old.
  • Valid Passport: Ensure that the worker has a valid passport.
  • Immigration Records: To confirm that the helper is whitelisted (and not blacklisted) in Malaysia, you can visit the Immigration Office to check using the helper’s passport number, or contact Pinkcollar to request that we perform a complimentary blacklist check on your behalf.

The Role of a Licensed & Accredited Employment Agency

Even if you source your own candidates, you will still need to engage an accredited agency like Pinkcollar to complete the worker’s visa application and pre-deployment procedures. Here’s why:

Legal Adherence

Licensed & accredited agencies like Pinkcollar maintain access to official employment platforms, ensuring that your hire is legal and compliant with source country and Malaysian government laws. This includes access to the Malaysian Immigration’s biometric system and coordinating with source country embassies. Attempting the visa application process without an accredited agency is illegal based on Philippine and Indonesian regulations, unless you are a diplomatic official or staff member of a recognised international organisation such as the World Bank or UN agencies.

Formal Employment

An agency formalizes the worker’s deployment, recognized by both Malaysia and the worker’s source country. Accredited agencies can facilitate the verification of employment contracts with relevant embassies, thereby guaranteeing a legitimate and recognized placement. Employers who bypass an agency would encounter challenges in legalizing the worker’s employment in the source country’s side, as embassies do not allow direct registration of employment contracts by employers.

Contract Compliance

Registering the employment contract with source countries’ embassies ensures both employer and worker adhere to agreed-upon terms, offering protection to both parties in case issues arise during the employment period.


Benefits of Direct Hire

When you successfully secure a candidate for a Direct Hire, you enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. Reduced Waiting Time: Direct hiring cuts down on the time agencies spend sourcing and matching workers to your requirements, which shortens the overall service timeline for you.
  2. Leveraging on pre-existing trust: Hiring a candidate who came recommended by someone in your trusted network— be it another helper, a family member or friend — may allow you to gather valuable character references of the candidate that can translate into a good job fit.
  3. Cost Savings: A Direct Hire comes with a lower service fee, saving you money on overall hiring expenses.

We hope these insights help you find the right domestic helper efficiently. If you have identified a helper to hire yourself and need further information, contact Pinkcollar for guidance on next steps.

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