Immigration Services in Indonesia Affected by Cyberattack on 24 June 2024

Published on 25 Jun 2024, last updated on 25 Jun 2024

In recent developments, Indonesia has faced a significant disruption in its immigration services due to a cyberattack. This attack has implications for employers relying on immigration processes to hire Indonesian migrant workers. We at Pinkcollar are committed to keeping you informed and helping you navigate these challenges.

It was reported on 25 June 2024 that a cyberattack targeted Indonesia’s data centre, severely impacting the functioning of the immigration services and causing widespread disruptions. Immigration offices across Indonesia are experiencing significant delays, including the processing of visas, issuance of worker passports, and other critical immigration services. System outages have made it difficult for officials to access and process applications, resulting in delayed responses and processing times for new and ongoing applications.

For migrant workers and their employers, this disruption could mean extended waiting periods for visa approvals, worker passport issuances, and other immigration-related services. It’s important to stay informed and ready for any potential delays in your hiring plans.

Steps You Can Take:

1. Stay Informed: Regularly check official updates from Indonesia’s immigration authorities and reliable news sources. We will also provide timely updates on how these changes may affect your hiring process through our Pinkcollar communication channels.

2. Plan Ahead: If you have upcoming employment or immigration-related deadlines, consider adjusting your plans to account for possible delays. Start the recruitment process earlier than usual to mitigate the impact of any potential delays.

3. Leverage Pinkcollar support: Our team is available to provide you with personalised guidance and the latest updates regarding the status of immigration services and any potential workarounds.

We understand how crucial timely immigration services are to meet your hiring needs. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide you with the latest updates.

Rest assured, Pinkcollar is committed to supporting you and ensuring that you receive the assistance you need. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more details on the cyberattack, you can read the full article on Channel News Asia here.

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