Apply for a special pass for your foreign domestic helper (maid) in Malaysia

Published on 17 Jan 2024, last updated on 2 Feb 2024

If your foreign worker’s permit renewal deadline slipped your mind or you need additional time to comply with the requirements of her permit renewal, you may opt to apply for a special pass to extend your worker’s work permits beyond their existing permit.

The special pass is a temporary visa for workers to legally stay in Malaysia for another 30 days if, for instance, the employer needs additional time to complete some processes such as to renew the work permit, arrange for her to go home, or if there’s a FOMEMA medical pending or passport renewal issue.

  • A special pass can only be applied after your helper’s work permit has expired.
  • The special pass will cost RM100 for both e-SP and over-the-counter applications.


Malaysian Employers of Foreign Domestic Helpers (Maids)

If you’re a Malaysian employer, you can now apply for your helper's special pass online at Malaysian Immigration's ePLKS@JIM online platform.

  1. Visit ePLKS@JIM online.
  2. If you do not already have an ePLKS User ID and Password, click “Pendaftaran” on the top header to begin your registration process.
  3. Click ‘Permohonon Baru (Pembantu Rumah)’ instead of ‘Permohonan Baru (Pelbagai Sektor)’ to begin your registration.
  4. You will be prompted to key in your IC number. Please do so without including any dashes. You should receive a confirmation email from “” with your login password.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in to your e-PLKS account, click on the tab ‘Permohonan Lanjutan PRA’ and fill in the information as required. Your worker’s information should appear below and you may click on the ‘E-SP’ button.
  6. Your helper’s special pass will be processed within 1-2 working days and you may check the status under the “Status Permohonan SP” tab.
  7. After you’ve gotten the approval, you may make payment under the same “Status Permohonan SP” tab.

If your name does not appear on the system after keying in your IC number while you register for an e-PLKS account, you will need to visit the Malaysian Immigration office over-the-counter to update or align your records with their backend system. Alternatively, engage our Immigration Information Update service for Pinkcollar to assist you.

Malaysian employers who urgently require a special pass can also apply for their helper’s special pass over-the-counter at their state Immigration office, and it will be issued on the same day (as a paper slip that is clipped to the worker’s passport), if e-SP is not possible.


Expatriate Employers of Foreign Domestic Helpers (Maids)

For expatriate employers, you can proceed to apply for your helper’s special pass over-the-counter at the Expatriate Services Division. The legal employer must attend at the Expatriate Services Division him/herself; please bring along the legal employer’s and worker’s original passport. The special pass will be released the next day and can be picked up at the Expatriate Services Division.

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