How do I choose the right insurance for my foreign domestic worker?

As an employer of a domestic worker, you are responsible for the health and safety of your worker while she is under your employment. Medical fees for foreign workers in Malaysia can be expensive because foreign workers do not enjoy the same rates that Malaysians do at public hospitals. Nonetheless, buying the right insurance product can help you minimise this financial risk.

When choosing an insurance product for your worker, it’s important to know what you’re paying for. We’ve put together 3 simple steps to help you identify the right product.

Step 1: Determine the type of coverage you’re looking for

1. Coverage for personal accident or death

Many insurance providers offer a very basic insurance coverage for domestic workers, and often these products will only cover hospitalisation and/or surgical fees in relation to personal accident or repatriation expenses in relation to death. This means that in any other non-accident situation, the hospitalisation and/or surgical fees for your worker will not be covered. For most domestic workers (depending on the source country), this insurance is a compulsory coverage and often the only requirement to legally hire a worker. Despite this, it is always prudent to purchase other complementary products that will give your worker some coverage in non-accident situations. For more information on personal accident coverage, check out the Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme.

2. Coverage for hospitalisation or surgical expenses not related to accidents

On arrival, all foreign workers, including domestic workers in Malaysia are required to undergo a FOMEMA medical screening exam to be deemed fit to work. This ensures that Malaysian employers only employ workers who are healthy and likely to remain healthy during employment. Regardless, there may be medical situations arising that you would be responsible for. For example, you may be put in a difficult financial position as an employer to seek medical treatment for your worker who may suffer from appendix pain or some other pain that requires surgical procedures.

One of the most comprehensive and affordable products out there is the Foreign Worker Hospitalisation and Surgical Scheme (SKHPPA) that provides foreign workers with a coverage of up to RM20,000 per annum at a premium that starts at RM120 per year. SKHPPA is offered by most of the major insurance providers in Malaysia and enables foreign workers to visit most public hospitals to obtain treatment. Some foreign workers (depending on job sector) are also eligible for the AXA eMedic card that can provide coverage up to RM100,000 per annum and provides access to both public and private hospitals. This option is more expensive, but is a worthwhile option to consider to give you a peace of mind.

Step 2: Read the exclusion clauses

It can be tedious to read into the fine print of policy documents, but it is an important step to understand what you’re buying. The most common exclusion clauses include exclusion clauses for known diseases and cancer. Most insurance products also exclude coverage for pandemic related diseases. Kindly note that many medical insurance products also do not include medical fees for the occasional doctor visits (for the common flu, food poisoning, etc.) or dispensation of medicine. Be sure to read the exclusion clauses so you know how to manage your risk moving forward.

Step 3: Check for qualifying hospitals or medical facilities

Insurance companies will always publish a list of panel hospitals or clinics that they will provide cover at. At times, there will also be other pre-conditions to a claim, like a confirmed diagnosis. It’s important to check these requirements before taking your domestic worker for medical treatment and committing to a certain procedure to avoid losing your claim. You can easily find the list of panel hospitals and clinics at their website.

We hope you found this helpful! Please leave us a comment if you know of other insurance products that could be of interest to foreign workers and employers of foreign workers in Malaysia.

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