Transfer your foreign domestic helper’s visa to another employer in Malaysia, safely and debt-free

The outbreak of the pandemic has caused disruption to the lives of many, including employers of domestic helpers. If you’re having to cut short the employment of your domestic helper due to relocation or change in circumstances, do not worry! We can help.

Regardless of whether you are an expatriate or local Malaysian employer of a domestic helper, you are permitted to transfer your helper’s visa with you to another employer of the same category in Malaysia. As long as you are cooperative in the visa transfer process, your helper will not be required to leave and re-enter Malaysia to transfer jobs!

Read our blog post on transferring a helper locally for more information on the eligibility requirements that apply to you (Updated: July 2021).

If you’re not continuing your helper’s employment with you, here’s how Pinkcollar can help your worker find a new job safely and debt-free and assist you end-to-end in transferring her visa:

Step 1: Reach out to Pinkcollar to tell us about your employment history with your worker. Write her a recommendation letter (optional) and provide us with a copy of her passport and permit.

Step 2: Pinkcollar will conduct an online interview with your worker to assess her skills, experiences and job preferences. We will then arrange remote interviews for your worker with new prospective employers.

Step 3: Once a new employer offers to hire your worker and she accepts, we will arrange an appointment with Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya for your worker’s permit cancellation process under you and apply for her new permit in Malaysia. Pinkcollar will also provide you with assistance to ensure that the termination is legal. The notice period should be complied with to avoid any unwanted legal claims arising against you by the worker and/or the Labour Department in Malaysia and her home country. If your helper is Filipino, we will also assist you in cancelling your worker’s POEA contract with the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Malaysia.

Step 4 (optional): If you’re looking to leave Malaysia immediately, let us know and we will be able to arrange accommodation for your domestic helper as well to align with your timeline.

Pinkcollar is a zero-placement-fee and zero-salary-deduction employment agency for migrant workers. Rest assured that both you, as the existing employer, and your helper will not be charged for our assistance in the transfer process.

Have more questions or want to discuss your options? Kindly contact us at or visit our Our Services page. Our friendly Pinkcollar officers will be happy to walk you through the process and share our service offerings with you!

2 thoughts on “Transfer your foreign domestic helper’s visa to another employer in Malaysia, safely and debt-free”

  1. I would like to apply working permit for philippine maid who already in Malaysia for 8 years with current employer and her working permit expired on 15th July. Can you help to transfer the visa from current employer to me? If yes, whar is the procedure and charges. Thank you

    • Hi Sook Tse,

      Thanks for getting in touch! The Pinkcollar team has sent you an email to help you with this query.
      To answer your question, yes we are able to transfer the worker’s visa from another employer to you.

      Our team would be happy to walk you through this process!

      – Pinkcollar

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