How to Transfer a Maid or Helper in Malaysia to Your Employment (2021)

Covid-19 has resulted in some restrictions to the hiring of foreign domestic helpers in Malaysia. Presently (as of July 2021), Malaysia’s entry policies for maids and helpers depend on their employer’s status in Malaysia.

Different helper transfer conditions will apply depending on whether you’re hiring as a Malaysian or Expatriate employer. The criteria are listed below:-

1. Expatriate Employers who are Employment Pass (EP) or Residence-Talent Pass (RTP) Holders

New helpers from the Philippines who are hired by expatriate employers can apply for a domestic helper work permit and will be permitted entry into Malaysia in these times, subject to compliance with Covid-19 entry quarantine and testing measures.

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2. Local Malaysian Employers

New helpers from the Philippines who are hired by local Malaysian employers are not permitted entry into Malaysia in these times. Malaysian borders have been closed to all new maids and helpers hired by local families since March 2020. Border reopening for new helpers hired by Malaysians is expected to take place towards the end of 2021.

One legal alternative for Malaysian employers to hire a helper in Covid-19 times is to transfer an existing helper who is legally working for another household to your employment.

If you’ve identified a domestic helper who is already in Malaysia and are intending to hire her, you’ll need to confirm that she can be legally transferred to you. Please do not hesitate to contact Pinkcollar if you require assistance in this regard!

Here are some key requirements to help you determine if a visa transfer is possible!

Kindly note that some requirements listed above may be discretionary. Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation to find out for sure if a visa transfer is possible for the helper you’ve identified.

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