How do I renew my worker’s work permit?

It’s easy to renew your worker’s work permit in Malaysia. 

First, check if your worker needs to do a FOMEMA medical examination to renew her permit this year. The FOMEMA exam is required in the first three years of your worker’s employment with you, and every alternate year thereafter. After determining that this is required, you can proceed to book her a medical examination on the FOMEMA portal and take her for her FOMEMA medical examination. 

FOMEMA will take 3-7 working days to update your worker’s medical result. Once she is deemed fit to work, you may proceed to apply for her new permit on MyEG. Immigration will deliver the work permit to your residence in 7-10 working days. You will need to present your MyKad to receive the work permit. 

Please see the table below for costs of services: 

Services Cost
FOMEMA Medical Examination (for female foreign workers) RM191
Levy (1st Worker) RM631
Levy (2nd Worker) RM811 

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