Hire a Pinkcollar Domestic Worker

Most domestic worker agencies in Malaysia make money by forcing workers into debt while giving poor service to employers. We aren’t one of those.

We are Malaysia’s first ethical agency to hire domestic workers that promises to always be transparent, reliable, and accountable to you. Our talented team delivers a service that’s better for you and better for your worker.

Here's what we do differently:

Vet for Safety

We interview all our workers and vet out the bottom 30% of candidates who apply with us. We only accept and place candidates who are physically, mentally and emotionally fit to work for you. Because the safety of your family is not just your priority, it’s ours too.

Train Effectively

We want your worker to succeed in their job. That’s why all our workers undergo 11 days of intensive training with the Fair Training Centre. There, your worker is taught a Malaysia-specific curriculum to gain hard skills, soft skills, and how to prepare for migration.

Charge Transparently

Since our fees are all-inclusive and disclosed upfront, you never have to worry about any hidden costs. We also do not charge workers any fees, which means that you get a high-performing worker who is not distracted by the burden of debt.

Match Responsibly

Success comes easier with the right match. We only recommend workers who have the right skills and attitude to match your unique needs and requirements.

Assist Fairly

Whether it’s your first or fifteenth hire, we’ve got your back. You can count on us to treat you fairly at every stage of your recruiting journey - even post-placement!

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